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Responding to a review on bookworld, The “waanebe-neverwill” bad boy of genreclectic writing, Mike Philbin, felt the need to create a post on SL about the comment,

Not to be outdone, Tracy Carbone responds taking the comment maker to task. It’s also apparent that Carbone hasn’t read Philbin’s pedophiliac take on corporate America or she wouldn’t have made her own ignorant remark.

Philbin’s sarcasm in his comment is duly noted, though I can’t help wonder why he continues to think comments like his actually help his books. As a reader it alerts me to novels not to buy (or writers who support him for that matter) and as a writer he shows me everyting not to do. If he spent more time honing the little talent he does possess, he might not find himself in the cross hairs all the time.

0 thoughts on “Philbin reacts

  1. So he speaks of class, when he voted for his own books. What a wanker.

    Yes, the follow up comment is idiotic too. There’s more to porn than just cumming in faces, and there are better ways to talk about the Corporations (blah blah)

  2. Yeesh, take a bad review and grow the heck up, Mike. Deal with it. I mean, come on, you write a book about people getting their faces gizzed in, and you expect to get pats on the back, and praise for being a genius? If you can’t take the heat that comes with writing your crap, put the pen down and back away.

    *Hugs Cuss & Rain!*

    Louise xox

  3. Tracy Carbone has a long history of making ridiculous, uninformed comments on Shocklines. She’s cute, but she’s not the smartest stick in the tree.

  4. And Michele posts for the win… 🙂 I’d post *applause* for her there, but I can’t stand the place. So, *applause* for Michele here. 😉

    The flock of sheep sure move fast to lick Philby’s wounds, don’t they…

  5. Still made valid points, as have others, and no response, as usual. Use logic in these arguments and they back off fast.

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