Nikita fails again (nothing new there)

While I was out buying a new phone Nikita found time (and aparently internet access) to post a rant over at Rusty’s.

In it he says,

RainFaggot,  you got mad so you got my phone shut off — fucker, what right do you have in doing that?

I’m not sure what occurred, but what I did do is give comcast his IP address and links to the threats he made to myself and others, both on my blog and his own. Nikita, it was your own sword you fell upon, I merely held it in place. If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror. You’re the one harrassing, threatening, and promoting hate speech. That was clearly a violation of comcast’s TOS. If you can’t be bothered with things like that, someone has to do it for you. And each ISP you get will have the same TOS, and each time you post something that threatens myself, or others, they’ll be notified. You’re entitled to have whatever bass ackwards opinions you want; just as I have the right to rebut them and point out to others your erratic, incoherent, threatening rants.

you’ll garner no sympathy from anyone. You’ll gain no readers. You’ll get no publishing deals. But you’ll always have the sanctuary your grandmother’s basement provides.



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