Brian Keene on Bad Moon Books

Brian Keene wrote a blog entry regarding Bad Moon Books and its head honcho,

This was something I wrote about back on August 15, in regards to a thread on SL,

I have to say, I’m very happy that a writer with the profile of Mr. Keene was able to not only take a stand but point out some hypocrisy as well.  There is no difference between Roy Robbins and La Femme Nikita, when it comes to their blatant homophobia.  One can’t codemn Nikita and ignore, or brush aside Robbins’ comments because he’s a publisher. Any writer with any semblance of conscience would not do business with him. Any reader, would do well to not buy or support authors on his roster. It’s all too easy to look at the easy buck or two, but at what cost?

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  1. I spot on agree with Keene. For a business, that is not only personally offensive but unprofessional behavour on BMB’s part.

  2. Agreed. With my time for reading at a premium, why would I spend my hard earned money on a publisher or an author who supports and promotes such bigotry?

  3. I absolutely agree with Keene, I just hate seeing what’s happening to the sales (and upcoming sales) of the titles BMB carries. I love John Little to death, he’s a sweetie, but I don’t want to give BMB the business.

  4. The sad thing is this, though: there will always be somebody who’s way to eager to see their name on a book and will compromise their ethics to do so.

    Boycotting NP is an easy stand against homophobia, because he has no talent and puts out badly editted drek. The unfortunate thing is that BMB puts out some good authors, and besides the primary victims of homophobia (the GLBT community, of course), these writers are getting stuck in the middle of it all. It’s sad, but it really is the price that has to be paid for confronting homophobia. Standing up for one’s convictions is never always a cakewalk.

    So, yes. I have to take my hat off to Keene.

  5. Dancing with the devil is never a winning activity. I have sympathy to an extent to those writers stuck in the middle; but very little for those who ignore Robbins’ attitude.

    My few shekels may not mean much, but I can sleep easy at night and look myself in the mirror.

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