HanktheHorrible jumps on the McCain train.

Trentaylor, a rather pale imitation of Hank as of late, posted a link oveor at SL about Obama’s half brother in Kenya. http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/6210. The article published in the UK’s Telegraph was based on an Italian edition of Vanity Fair. It mentions Obama meeting George (his half brother) twice. Nowehre does it mention whether the Barak campaign was asked for their input about the story, or what Obama may be doing.

Not one to miss an opportunity to bash the left, Hank chimes in with a totally off the cuff tangent about McCain and how mercilessly he was tortured, while we only waterboarded 3 Al Quaeda suspects.

If being tortured is deemed a positive for a Presidential candidate, then reading Hank’s posts makes candidates of us all.

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