Nikit’as Obsession

Nikita’s rainman like obsession with gay sex is truly showing. No matter how much he tries to sound homophobic, it’s very clear, gay sex appeals to him. Otherwise, why would he spend so much time trying to pretend he hates the act? If anything, the anger comes from the fact no gay man would EVER find him appealing and want to pierce his sphincter, the way he craves.

His lates rant is a doozy. He manages to wrap up all his fetishes in one incoherent post.  From plagiarism, to gay sex to m/m slash fiction, he has it all. Rusty has done an excellent job of dissecting and analizing his mess here : so I’ll only comment on two things he wrote.

The first is this little gem: yeah I can see where authors J.K. Rowling and Larry Niven are coming from. They are right there with that asshole who tried to write a real person fic with my son as the subject of it.

I’m assuming he agrees with Niven and Rowling about fan-fic, yet he lumps them in with somebody who write a story about his son. Why’s absolutely hysterical is he has the nerve to mention himself in the company of two well respected authors who have sold millions. Nikita, people love their work. No one can even finish reading yours. That you try and legitimize yourself by mentioning them is an insult not only to them, but defamation of character. You know, the same thing you claim about everyone else.

And then there’s this: I guess AutoAim is getting a lot of “fame” now for stealing my characters and impersonating me. The son of a bitch is just another faggot who takes turns fucking Raingoddess in the ass.

well, Ive never met AutoAim, let alone been fucked in the ass by him. I will say that no matter who AutoAim is, he’d havea far better chance of doing that than you Nikita. In fact, if we were the last two people on earth and begged me for it, I’d kill myself first. The fact you ever managed to procreate is astonishing and I have to wonder how many ruffies did you put in her kool aid so she didn’t know what you were doing?

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  1. Oh, darling Nicky. Stop pretending. You want it. You can’t stop talking about gay sex. Which can only mean one thing–you are a closet gay.

    It’s okay, Nicky dear. Come out of the closet. No one will hurt you. Come on. It’s okay. Really. Maybe if you accept who you are, you will stop being such a jerk.

    Maybe not.

  2. Nah, Johaha, once you get a jerk out of the closet, all you have left is a gay jerk. I think that’s a wrestling move, the gay jerk. Saw Hulk Hogan do that once.

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