Nikita’s eloquent email

Nikita’s on a tear today. Received this email from La Femme. Somehow he thinks my taking down something everyone already read (and still available elsewhere) was a win for him.

He writes(and I use that term loosely):

What’s wrong,  pissed off that I pointed out to wordpress you stole my article?   Fuck off queer.   I am not about to let some militant sin flag waver get the best of me here.   My days are far from running out.   Going around stealing my articles — what the hell is wrong witth you?  What you going to do now start harassing would be publishers to not run my work?  Sorry asshole that is where you will go to hell over it.
      In your “perfect world” all writers would be writing with fag friendly content but I am going to hit you with a harsh dose of reality here — this world is still hetersexual. And you’re going around posting your heterophobic propaganda.   I am always going to be a published author, and that’s what will be the thing that burns your ass all the more.  I guess you’re hellbent by the fact that I got my article pulled from your site.  You’re what 41 going around terrorizing a writer who will not bend.  Why don’t you shut the fuck up and start submitting your work out instead of trying to sabotage my readerships.  You got an instant fanbase with the m/m slash crowd loser.


Well, typical homophobia aside, I have no need to keep publishers from your work. Your writing does that by itself, it needs no help from me. As for submitting my work; I have a story that will go out by month’s end and two more that I’m finishing. Unlike you, I don’t have diarrhea of the pen and think every shit stain has to (or deserves) to be published. I actually care about my work, and spend time writing and rewriting.


What readerships? The ones who like your work (none) or the ones who see your work for the lulz it provides (everyone else)?


Getting your rant pulled from my site means nothing. It served its purpose, and as you’ll notice I’m still here.

And again, if you look to the right of this post, you can see my age. You can’t even get facts right when they’re staring you in the face.

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  1. Aww thanks Louise! I’m looking at some conventions for next year that I can make it to. I’ve never been to any type of writer’s/horror convention and looking forward to one!

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