Nikita fails again

La Femme Nikita tried getting my blog shut down.  He cited my posting of his rant as copyright infringement as the reason to do so.  I received a nice email (and no I’m not being sarcastic, it was a nice email) from wordpress regarding this, so I deleted the post, but left the comments. The fact is, anyone who would even want to read his rant has done so and I had no problem taking it down. Besides, it’s still available elsewhere on the net.

Sorry Nikita, you fail again. However comcast is taking your death threats seriously. Anyone wishing to complain to Nikita’s ISP about his behaviour should send emails here: [email protected]

0 thoughts on “Nikita fails again

  1. I love the smell of smackdown. It smells like…oregano! No wait, it smells like … uh… victory! Yeah, victory, that’s the ticket.

    (Paraphrased from Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero?)

  2. Big points for quoting Quest for Glory, almost as good as the King’s Quest series (the first pc games I ever played).

  3. I used to have to get the hint books that had the invisible ink pens to get through most of the Sierra adventure games.

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