Nikita’s new video and rant-more of the same

So La Femme Nikita finally made a new vlog. Though given his voice, he should be called La Phlegm Nell-kita, as he’s as unintelligible as usual. Seems he asks me to put a shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger.

Nikita, if it meant not having you pollute the world with your craptastic writing, I’d gladly do so. However, your delusions of talent are so extreme, you’ll never understand the fact that your writing is nothing more than typing (to paraphrase Capote). Every once in awhile you get a word correct, it’s just a shame you can’t form a complete and coherent sentence.

He threatens to pad an already unreadable story with even more illiteracy, thus proving why relatives shouldn’t reproduce.

I’m not sure what his obsession with dead loved ones is, other than the fact, the only girls who won’t say no to him are dead. Hmmm, maybe La Femme Necrophilia would be more appropriate.

0 thoughts on “Nikita’s new video and rant-more of the same

  1. You’re just a dogshit no matter how you look at it. Another Crusty Rail and Expose The Fuckstain. Tell me something fuckstain, do you plan to make a career out of smearing my name. I am not about to let some AIDS INFESTED reject stalk me to end.

  2. well not a career, but a hobby; remember I actually work for a living and don’t sponge off others. Call me what you will, it doesn’t phase me, but I’m not going anywhere. As long as you continue trying to convince people you can write, I’ll be there.

    I’m not going anywhere.

    And again, for the record, I don’t have AIDS, but I do have some allergies.

  3. Hmmm, looks like a bona fide legally actionable death threat to me.

    (Rain, if you’re not in Illinois you might even be able to get the FBI in on this one, since it’d be posted across state lines.)

  4. I just stopped over to leave you some lurves Rain– and lurves for ‘da gang’ — before I go to bed. 😀 (Ignores you know who)

  5. That’s two death threats LFM, one just as meaningless and impotent as the other.

    Meaningless and impotent, much like your writing. And you.

  6. I thought about reporting Nicky when he threatened me, but I didn’t want anyone in his local police department to hurt themselves laughing. Still, raingods, his latest threat here ought to be reported to WordPress. Another blog might bite the dust. How many would that make for Nicky?

  7. I’ll send that to wordpress Jenny, but I think his ISP will get wind of his death threats as well. I’m sure that’s something they won’t take lightly.

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