Nikita’s whine party – for one

Looks like La Femme Nikita posted his “everyone’s picking on me” article over on Associated Content, where the stringent criteria for publishing, is having an internet connection and a keyboard. Way to go Nikita! Aiming high as always I see. The link to this lulzapalooze is here:

By now, most who read my blog have seen this; but see, unlike Nikita I actually have a life and was out living said life for most of the day.  When I got home from a very enjoyable luncheon date, my first since damon passed last year, I was alerted to LFN’s scrawl. There’s about 5 pages of his incoherent, patently bad writing, with grammar and spelling errors to lower a 3rd world countries educational scores.

But to summarize, he complains about internet trolls and bullies, yet calls someone at midnight while his inbred family listens in. Yup, victims ALWAYS do that, don’t they? He then goes on to talk about how his non fiction book scared everybody in the industry.  What scared them was the piss poor writing, non existent editing, and general whininess of Nikita’s tripe. He claims to have disturbing knowledge of the industry, yet he only comes across as disturbed. He seems to think because he’s a “writer” (much the same way Paris Hilton is an actress, in name alone), that somehow people are jealous. That is perhaps the biggest laugh and the smoking gun that shows NIkita is a hack, with apologies to the hacks.

The astonishing thing is this; as someone who claims to be a writer, he proves his detractor’s right. His Troll piece is so filled with bad spelling, gaps in logic, bad grammar, that no one could ever confuse him with being an author.

so perhaps some good will come out of this after all. La Femme Nikita, you’re giving yourself enough rope, so watch where you step.

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  1. Geez, Nicky, did you go to every single post that Rain made and say something nasty?

    This is is reminiscent of the one you said to Sovay about how the EMT would have her brain in a petrie dish if she was ever in an accident.

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