Nikita’s full rant

Not one to deny readers anything, here is the full rant of Nikita’s about internet trolls.

Edited to remove post. Due to Nikita’s whining to wordpress I have removed this post. By now most have read this anyway. If anyone hasn’t, leave a message and I’ll point you in the right direction.

0 thoughts on “Nikita’s full rant

  1. Hmm, that’s odd, because there’s at least 4 other sites that have this as well. And your threats are as laughable as you and your “writing” NIkita.

  2. I’m not risking anything Nikita. Nor is anyone else who posted your incoherent rant. As far as being a militant, when it comes to good writing, accurate spelling and proper grammar usage, then I am. You’re not the victim, Nikita-no matter how you try to spin things, you’re the bully, not everyone else.

  3. Hey Rain!

    First, I came by to apologize, since I haven’t sent more feedback yet. Second, just to say hi. 🙂 *waves to Cuss above*

    Take care,

    Louise ~

  4. Hi Louise! Glad you’re still around!

    Crawford, well I did have my pirate garb on last week.

    Rusty, would these be the same e-lawyers Lorenzo uses? ;p

  5. They said, “The man was wood, my leve brother;”
    And every wight gan laughen at his strife.
    Thus swived* was the carpentere’s wife,
    For all his keeping and his jealousy;
    And Absolon hath kiss’d her nether eye;
    And Nicholas is scalded in the tout.

  6. Hey fuckstain, what if someone came over to where your dead bitch is at and then took a shit in the urn. Using it as a public toilet. I would pay to see that. Come on asshole, stealing my article. That’s rather low even for you.

  7. Yo, Nikita! Stop plagiarizing me. Remember your vampire was way too similar to my sa’necari and you have been reading my blogs and excerpts on my website, because you leave footprints on it. ISP?

  8. Is it lower than calling people to harass them? Or is it lower than not paying your writers, Nikita? It’s certainly no lower than your IQ.

  9. Yes we know; you also don’t harass people, send bogus paypal bills, or steal ideas. You’re a victim, aren’t you? I call bullshit, LFM.

  10. Vrooom! Vrooom! Diesel Dyke Coming through! Vroom!

    If you did not steal them, why is it that you have specified that your vampire has the same origins as my sa’necari? My sa’necari first appeared in 1979. Your vampire appeared in 2007.

    Who copied who?

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