Nikita’s Whine and Cheese Party

 Nikita’s latest rant has to do with everyone hating his comment feature. NO one uses it because no one cares, NIkita. All you do is delete anyone who calls you on your shit, which is everyone with a brain.

He’s also starting with his nonfiction crapfest again. Online trolls: see La Femme Nikita.  He is the biggest troll on the freak show circuit, and given some of the others, that’s an accomplishment.  I like to think of NIkita as the one who bites the head off chickens though, mainly it sates his oral fixation.

And yet again he trots out his “disability” as a crutch. Since when is being an asshole a disability? Hey, NIkita, I was diagnosed with Major Depression Recurrent; it is classified as an SMI, and I work for living and don’t leach off my family. Try it for a change.

All this rambling of his shows him for what is plain to everyone but himself: he’s a no talent, homophobic, lying, whner. Smell the coffee NIkita, no one wants to read your Nell-like ramblings.

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  1. You know you’re not supposed to post someone’s entire article without permission, right? Well I got an e-mail from wanting more information about what you’re doing. I guess you’re going to lose your blog after all.

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