Matt gets his snippers out again

I saw this thread over at TODP and had no idea the thread had gotten so-err, short.

Seems the new Barker book is being published by Bad Moon Books, in several editions to gouge your wallet. This is a company run by a well known (and absurdly proud) bigot and homophobe. He’s made no bones about his hate for gays, has called people faggot on SL and harrassed JReitan to no end over some books. however he has no qualms about making money off a well known faggot to line his own pockets. I guess if there’s enough money to be made it doesn’t matter who you fuck. so much for upholding your principles.

Principles, or lack of is where Matt comes in. Seems he’s snipped every post pointing out the homophobia of this publisher and calling Matt out for it. Typical Matt behavior. Proclaim to not tolerate hate speech, yet snip everything that challenges it. As a gay man, I’m deeply embarrassed that I’m part of the same community as Matt.

Matt, if you can’t deal with criticism, it’s time to hang up your crotchless panties. You sir, are pathetic.

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  1. I sometimes wonder if he hates himself so much, that when the gay bashing occurs, he uses it as a form of self punishment. As much as I’d be interested in the Barker book, 50 bucks for a novella is outrageous. Not to mention I’d never buy anything from BMB in the first place.

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