Dagstine on a roll

Thanks to Johaha for posting this link over on TRN, http://www.ookami.co.uk/forumpage/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=33&start=30.

If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see Lorenzo’s “busy” schedule. Seems he’s on a role. Having been banned from Silverthought, then having his “tell all” interview yanked, and his stories pulled from Silverthought, Dagstine is now parading out two “new” projects. The first is a collection called “Fresh Blood”, which he advises isn’t about vampires, but does have a vampire story in it (huh?). He writes, “Only the finest or most entertaining tales made it in, and some I had to rewrite from scratch!” He can put on the cover, Now with 100% more suckage! Truth in advertising, you know. He also goes on to give us insight into why he chose the name “Fresh Blood” :  “The reason my debut book is called Fresh Blood is… Well, new writer, fresh book… fresh talent… so  I’m Fresh Blood!” Because you know, someone who claims 300 plus credits has to be new.  Even after all those “credits” the fact no one knows who he is, is lost on him. Larry, there’s a reason you’re still unknown: you strive for stardom and can’t even reach the lower rung of mediocrity.

His next project is a history of Coney Island. He starts this off with a good chuckle: “Stay tuned here for information and some lovely pictures related to my big (and very first) high-paid non-fiction freelancing gig which involves reporting, real historical research, and required photography/picture-taking.” Umm, Larry, photography is picture taking; were you a real reporter, and done some research, you would have known that. Hope that’s not an example of your research abilities. Yes, that’s right, you possess none. BTW, if you google Coney Island, you get 457,000 hits. Yup, here’s a story that’s never been told.

Perhaps my favorite line is this: “I’m sure even people from England are aware of the rich and wonderful history of Coney Island New York (and Astroland Park, home of the Cyclone)…” Well of course. With Stonehenge, Hadrian’s wall, Big Ben, buckingham Palace, the tower of London, all the Brits talk about is an American amusement park.  Daggy also mentions it being a high paid gig. Twice nothing is STILL nothing.

If Larry spent more time actually writing, than talking about it, he might, he just might, reach that lower rung of mediocrity.

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  1. Lorenzo is the biggest blow-hard of all time. He wins the award for it–as well as most suckage in story writing, rewritten or not.

    Fact is, he should be a better writer by now, after 300 stories you figure there would be some improvement. But there isn’t. He doesn’t succeed because he thinks the easy way out of actually working is to make noise to get his name around.

    Making noise–the obscene kind he makes–does not make one famous. Hard work will. But he shuns hard work. Shit, he doesn’t have a full time day job, sponges off his folks, and lies about Silverthought being his employer.

    The little improvements I have seen have been done by someone else. So, no points there for you, Lorenzo.

  2. Well of course he doesn’t Mike, those of us who DO research can find out if it’s actually true or not. As we know, truth is very subjective in his world.

    And as I mentioned, after 300 credits, you would think he’d be known for his work. Well, he is, in a fashion, but not the way Daggy thinks of himself.

  3. What bothers me the most about him is that he isn’t original. He has tried crawling on his hands and knees into every group possible and in order to fit in he’ll say and do whatever the group does to be accepted, like this


    Corporate Fascism is closing in around us from the most unlikeliest of places. Mediocrity is vastly becoming the sperm of today’s culture which is becoming ever harder to counter. It has truly become the cum-bubble that’s closing in around us, making things… “sticky” for us. Hopefully, on this side of the water, people are becoming aware of it more everyday. That’s what is important.

    See all the semen references in going off about the industry? Remind you of anyone? Have you ever seen a more obvious ass kissing?

    Answer btw is yes, which is Dagstine post-Valentine Vegan.

    Regardless he is gross and even though I loathe him it is still uncomfortable to see someone without a spine grovel and suck dick so blatantly like that.

  4. I remember that post, now that you mentioned it, and yes it apes Phleabitten to a T. What I find amusing, is he posts these new works on a U.K. board. Probably the only one left that tolerates him; yet I haven’t seen anything on these on his website.

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