First things first. Head over to TRN and read the cockinshiner entry, here: Then come on back and post your best guess as to what a cockinshiner is, and then using it in your best Nikita style sentence.

Winner will receive my personal copy of Tom Piccirilli’s novel, Frayed. Why Frayed? Well here’s the jacket blurb:

“Are you the one who helped him kill the angel?”

Twenty years of repressed anger and memories. A bitter knot of hatred that binds and divides two friends. The dark secret that fuels and devastates them both.

“He killed it. I only helped him to bury it.”

Eddie’s doing his best to get by, but every day the good fight just gets harder. And now there’s a new burden to shoulder. Gray – his best friend and nemesis in literature, romance, and life – has landed in a bizarre mental hospital, known for its radical treatments, because Gray couldn’t bear the weight of an unspeakable trauma.

The last time they met, Gray almost killed Eddie, but it seems that all is finally forgiven. Tonight, there’s a wild hootenanny up at Gray’s house.

The nuthouse.

And Eddie’s invited.

Winner will be announced on August 25, NIckolaus Pacione Day!

Good luck

0 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. Yes, I made at comment over at Rusty’s – but now, I feel icky and dirty and don’t wanna even think about it, let alone type it!

  2. I’ll do a cut and paste for you Devil’s Child!

    Ok, I’ll give it a shot… sorta going off of Rusty’s interpretation…

    I think it is when you get a black eye from an over enthusiastic gentleman, waiting for his BJ. Something I’m sure that Nikki knows about very well….

  3. Firstly, I really resent my birthday being declared NP Day.

    Secondly, Nicky misspelled the word, as usual. It’s Cockinchwiener, from Lower Slobovian for ‘I have a teeny-tiny dick’. He also forgot the period afterwards to indicate he intended the word to be his signature, and a ‘PS’ in front of the following sentence. That is also par for the course for him. Punctuation is not his friend.

  4. In fairness to myself Sir Otter, ETT declared the 25th, NP day. I’m not sure if there’s any significance behind that date or not.

    And yes, anything to do with language, is clearly not his friend. Nor is grooming or hygiene for that matter.

  5. Hard to believe, he’s been this active for so long. I know it goes back further than 3 years, but man, how has he not combusted spontaneously yet?

  6. Cockinshiner is a Germanic word with no English equivailent. A lesser known subset of the doppelgänger myth, a cockinshiner is the evil double of an individual’s penis. So, when Nicky suspects you might be his cockinshiner, you have just received a major ice burn.

    “And but when Nicholas Kane bent down to take the penis of the stranger he did not know into his mouth it was seen and shown that the penis was an exact double of Nick’s own, and Nick’s horror was not to be conceived by the human mind or brain.

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