HanktheHorrible’s Forgivenes is Divine Brigade

Thanks to Kim for pointing out this lovely bit of excrement overĀ on SL:

Mark Samuels, who started the thread begins with this: “I don’t agree with Hank on everything, and I have no vested interest in defending him. ”

Then why are you doing so?

He goes on, and brace yourself for this: “I understand that he can be abrasive but I don’t think there’s any real underlying malice in him.”

He takes glee in an execution; views anyone not a Christian as an enemy; is a rampant racist when it comes to Muslims, Hispanics, or anyone not like him; views any relgion other than Christianity with contempt; thinks American government and law are based on the “Ten Commandments” (as Bryon pointed out on TODP). But none of that has any malice, does it?

You can read the rest for yourself and view the other responses if you can stomach it.

so what we learned today, is that if you’re a lawyer, a good writer, and have a few awards (including a Stoker), you can be forgiven for your racism, arrogance, and anger with people who aren’t you. I call bullshit on that, and everyone who posted on that thread and agreed with Mark should be ashamed of themselves. If this were one of the Legion, would they still say the same thing? Or are double standards allowed when one has a certain degree of success? Intelligence doesn’t give you a pass on unacceptabe behavior. An asshole is an asshole no matter their IQ.

I want to mention that Bryon’s responses, said far more with the pictures he posted, than everyone else has trying to kiss Hank’s ass with apologies.

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  1. I don’t sense malice from Hank – preening arrogance, blinding fear, smug self-righteousness, but not malice. Of course, one could argue that in the hands and mind of an intelligent, well-spoken person, those qualities could be much worse than real malice.

    And Mark is a kind, well-meaning guy, as are a couple other people on that thread. I respect their attempt to inject civility, and I hope it works to everyone’s betterment.

  2. Mark is a nice guy; he and I share a fondness for the music of Fish and Marillion. He’s a great writer too. Oddly enough I read a story of Mark’s in one of the book’s Hank sent me last Christmas.

    and Terry, well, Terry made me want to become a fiction writer (I was studying journalism at ASU at the time), and my love for his work and respect for him knows no bounds.

    As I said over at Rusty’s; Hank is a great writer, and can form a coherent thought, but in the end, it’s the same type of bigotry that comes from Nikita. with Hank it’s the poor and non-Christians, with Nikita it’s gays. well gays and everyone else I suppose, but I think you can see the point I’m making.

    If Philbin, Dagstine or Nikita made the same comments that Hank has, would there have a been a thread calling for civility? Forget for a moment, the long history of the legion, is it really any different?

  3. Oh, I agree, in the sense that Hank gets a helluva lot of mileage and goodwill out of being “nice.” But hey – let’s hear it for being nice. The Legion would do well to learn some. It does get you further. But it has its limits.

    I am just appalled that a group can tolerate such xenophobia without condemning it – which also gives the lie to his protestations that he’s talking to a bunch of liberal wackos and he’s the lone, brave voice of Truth. He preaches to the choir just as much as anyone from ODark. But one day he’ll say something too offensive even for them. I have some faith in humanity.

  4. It’s a very passive aggressive approach he’s taking, and he’s been very smart not to comment on that thread so far. He can let others excuse his behavior, without being held accountable.

    While I have made my atheism pretty well known in various posts, I’d never condemn anyone for their beliefs. for every Hank in the world, there’s a Kim or a Maurice. Or Louise and Bryon for that matter, and that thread seemed like a smack in the face (however unintentional I think it was), to all of you.

  5. [blush]

    Yes, if (God forbid) I were to be uncivil, it would be to note that many Christians post there all the time, and we don’t feel discriminated against, or cry about how persecuted we are, so it must not be our Christianity people are reacting against. No, it must be some other quality. I can’t quite put my finger on it… hmmmm… rhymes with “sickishness”…

  6. Kim, that board DOES have liberal whackos.

    Not saying they are whacko because they are liberal, I’m saying they are whackos who latched onto that side of the aisel, much like Nicky did with Republicans.

    AND “smug self-righteousness” is abound over there too. If you’ve ever seen nj and I talk about “FuDs” you’d know what I am talking about.

    I’m not sticking up for him, but he surely isn’t the most offensive over there and there are left-wing versions of him there too.

  7. Yes, Al, I suppose we’re all attuned to decry the kind of dickishness that doesn’t agree with our views. It’s human nature, and we should be on guard against it. But for sheer number of threads started, and with the most deliberately baiting titles, he’s got to make the top 10. I mean, I got on some mailing list at one point, and now I get an “Impeach Cheney” email every week, with links to evidence and updates about how the fight against Veep is going. If I wanted to be a dick, I could cut and paste that into a “Dick Cheney – War Criminal” thread each week. But I don’t.

  8. Al,

    As a liberal, I’ll agree with you. There are some liberal whackos over at SL. While I don’t agree with everything on the agenda, I’ve yet to see the type of baiting that Hank provides. But as long as the nitwits continue to post on SL, Hank will never be the most offensive member.

    Kim, We must be on the same mailing list, I get that impeach Cheney email as well. I get it in my gmail account; I marked one as spam and that’s where they all end up now.

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