Hank the Victim

What could have been a thread on SL about a book being pulled due to content has once again erupted into a flame war, and we have HanktheHorrible to thank. Rather than keep the headline as it was, he decided to alter it, to suit his own purposes. In essence it’s turned into a “Moslems are everywhere! Run for your lives! Unless your not me, then go fuck yourself.”


Here’s the link, but I have no doubt Matt will either lock or snip, so I hope someone can take snaps of the pages before they vanish.


In true nitwit behaviour, Hank is now claiming to be a victim; everyone is picking on him.


Sound familiar?

Edited to add link: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/5966/t/Random-House-pulls-novel-due-to-fear-of-Christian-violence.html

0 thoughts on “Hank the Victim

  1. No, no – so much more than a victim – A MARTYR, bravely sacrificing himself, at so much personal cost and risk, to fight for the little guy.

    Tell me he didn’t just post that he “routinely” gets messages telling him that he “deserves an award”! ZOMG.

  2. OH good God, he didn’t! When I get home from work and have some time I am going to formally induct him into the Legion.

  3. No, I really don’t think you can, Rain. I mean, I don’t want to be picky about criteria, but I don’t think it fits. The essence of the Legion is that they go online and do their antics, hoping it will help their sales. That’s the MO of every one of them. I don’t think Hank does that at all. He acts outrageously, yes – but for him it’s all in the name of Righteousness. There is nothing venal or profit-driven about it. One could argue he does it for the attention, I suppose, but I really do think that he’s sincere about this, as misguided as we may find him. It’s not an act or a publicity stunt.

  4. You’re right Kim, I wasn’t thinking for a minute. It isn’t about publicity, or money. While I admire the passion he feels, it comes across as fanatical as those he rails against.

    The Legion is good for some lulz, Hank is downright scary.

  5. Unfortunately, I think you’re right. The Legion is laughable, and like their namesake, they can’t organize enough to do much damage to anyone. But the zealousness of a convert, and the 100% certainty of one’s own moral rectitude – that’s dangerous.

  6. I will pass the wishes of good luck on to Janrae. I will also post here when I send my manuscript off in a couple weeks.

    And, in other news, there’s now a Shocklines thread declaring that everyone should play nice and leave poor Hank alone.

    Ok, I learned when I was little that if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all, so I’ll try to abide by that.

  7. I prefer what Olympia Dukakis said in Steel Magnolia’s, “If you can’t say anything nice, then come sit next to me.”

    That whole thread left me gagging. Even Terry, for God’s sake! I’m feeling ill now.

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