Dagstine’s MVP

Well Larry has a new project in the works, according to a post over on SL. http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/6011

I’m still wondering what a transcended genre would be.  No matter, if Larry’s involved it won’t involve value or prose. There will be a nice share of lulz, I’d imagine. since it’s not until 2009, it remains to be seen if this is more smoke and mirrors on his part simply to keep his name out there.

As if anyone could forget it.

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  1. I think that this is the project that he was bragging about earlier this year at TODP. Supposedly he and Philbin had gotten backing to produce the genre killer. He boasts then that all of us would end up working for him and Philbin.

    I seriously doubt it.

    Cross-genre, in various forms, has been around for at least ten years.

  2. Provided they can get past the first sentence. and where has Mikakke been lately? He’s been very quiet through all of this.

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