The Pacione Mutual Masturbation society

I come home from a lovely day out with my family and find Nikita, Dagstine and an unknown (to me) Stephen Bacon forming a nice circle jerk over Nikita;s cover for TP5 (the world’s first TP with shit inside and out). Where, you ask? Well Shocklines, of course.

Here’s a clue Nick; anytime dagstine says something nice-run in the other direction. As has been proven over at TRN and ETT, Dagstine is NOT your friend. He’s not anyone’s friend. Lorenzo Dagostino cares only for himself and what others may do for him. And considering Dungstain’s hatchet job on you Nikita, why aren’t you frothing at the mouth with him?

Nikita writes: “ I am even blowing the dusk off of a 35mm camera for future covers they come in handy in a pinch too.” How one blows dusk off anything, let alone a 35mm camera, is anyone’s guess.

He also posted a picture for Ethereal Gazette, his local author “anthology”. The same one he’s been begging people to submit for and everyone with a brain has stayed away from. All I can tell is that the “photo” is blue. What it’s supposed to be is a mystery. At least there’s only 3 font types on this one as opposed to 8 on the abortion of a cover for TP5.

Dagstine compliments Nikita on his fonts. Nikita responds by saying he has a large collection. That’s a given, as he puts them all on his cover.

however the biggest laugh comes from Stephen Bacon who wrote, “I normally prefer illustrations over photographs as cover artwork, but I think that’s the best photo cover I’ve seen in a long time.”

Stephen, if that’s the best cover you’ve seen in a long time, you need to visit more bookstores.

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  1. If he spent more time studying how to write, instead of posting and PMing everyone with his rants, he might actually learn something useful. Eh, wishful thinking I know.

  2. Let me ask this asshole? Are you so willing to make your career out of making my life a living hell? This is giving me more a reason to make sure you never get the right to marry. What did you do — get out of bed one day and say, “I am going to destroy Nickolaus Pacione.”

  3. You sow what you reap, Nikita. I know, you’re the victim here aren’t you? You’ve never done anything to hurt another have you? Never insulted, threatened, or abused anyone, have you?

    Frankly I don’t give a shit what your politics are, vote how you want; but the more you harass, abuse, and offend others the more I’ll blog. The longer you pawn off your crap as legitimate, I’ll be there. There’s no turning back Nikita. I might be new to the scene, but I’ll be here for a long, long time and I’ll be watching everything you do.

  4. So you’re hellbent on destroying what I write and what I sell — more the reason to beat the living shit out of you physically. Hate crime waiting to happen bitch. Matt Sheppard whoreshipping queer.

  5. And you think comments like that will help you get a pro sale? not bloody likely.

    BTW Nikita, have you paid the writers for TP5 yet?

  6. Nikita, I have a no douchebags policy on my blog, but I still let you post. It lets everyone see you for what you are, a bitter, illiterate with delusions of talent. I’ve been called far worse, by far better people but you really are treading a fine line with the threats. Hope you don’t drop the soap in the jail shower when you end up there.

  7. Leave me alone and stop blogging about me then, fucking crack addicted faggot. Let me get published legitimately instead of bullying the publishers into not running my work. Crawl back under the rock you called home and get AIDS.

  8. Not a chance Nikita. As I said, you reap what you sow. The thing is, none of us have to lift a finger to prevent you from being published in a pro market. Your writing and attitude have already made that a foregone conclusion.

    You’re far from the victim you’re trying to portray yourself as Nikita. I know it. You know it. Everyone else who doesn’t, will know it in time.

  9. LOL! And in the end you’re still an illiterate, inept, wannabe. BTW-I’ve been drug free for many years, have a successful career, the respect of my clients and peers, a loving family and a bit of talent. What do you have?

  10. Trust me Nikita, blogging about your inability to write or act civilized is hardly stalking. And believe it or not, there are straight people who find you as offensive as I do.

  11. He can’t pay his authors because no one wants to buy his books. I feel sorry for his contributors; not only do they get screwed out of money, they’ll be associated with Nikita and tainted by his epic fail.

  12. He didn’t answer my question.

    Instead of paying off the poor bastards that sub stories to “his” anthologies, hes probably still losing his ass betting on basketball games.

  13. I know Nicky is a professional writer and editor and all, but is “betted” proper grammar?

    And are we supposed to believe he stopped gambling at 15?

  14. LOL Nicky is Nell! Wait thats not fair Nell bathed, and according to a friend of Nicky’s old roommate, he doesn’t.

    “Right hand man job” sounds better than Lawrence Dagstine’s Punching Bag” Nicky.

  15. I’ve been translating his messages. He’s GAY.

    Dagstine said it best

    ” I think Nick might be gay, but subconsciously, he may not realize it yet. I’m sure, when he’s walking down the streets of Chi-town, he stares at men with ripped muscles and torn tank-tops and says to himself, “Golly gee, why do I have a throbbing hard-on?” But I understand, Nick, on that I feel for you.”

    I stole that from ETT who got it from Janrae

  16. I haven’t betted on a basketball game since I was 15 loser.

    Who here wants to guess that Nicky lost that bet, and he “couldn’t come up with the money” when the other guy came ’round to collect?

    Also, I’ve received a few love emails from Pacione today. Wow, he seriously needs to get back on the meds stat!

  17. According to his “non-fiction” book, when he would win, his debtors would trick him into thinking the amount bet was much smaller than it was, causing him to not be able to pay off his lost bets.

  18. Nah, Mike, I think even the sturdiest babelfish in the universe would explode at the mere attempt.

    As for the meds, I wish they made lithium pellet guns. And haldol in an aerosal can.

    — C.

  19. I think all Nick’s rantings about gays is funny, considering his butt-buddy is Lawrence Dagstine.

    Oh, I mean Lorenzo D’agostino.

    Run out of lub, girls?

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