La Femme Nikita’s hissy fit and death threat

In my post below this one, Nikita has yet another hissy fit, and in part says this: ” Raingods — I would pay no mind in shooting you myself.”

This sounds like a death threat to me. While I have no doubt you’d never have enough money to fly to Phoenix-certainly not from book sales-you mrely prove how unhinged, unbalanced and psychotic you truly are. So yes, I WILL contact Chicago PD and let them know of your escapades. I’m sure they can add it to the long list of other threats you’ve issued to others as well.

Edited to add my comment to a post Nikita made on TRN.

Nikita, Nikita-I chose that, because like a woman you have no balls. Well there are many women I know and love who have more courage, talent, and ability to spell than you ever will.

I have no hatred for you. Contempt, yes. Disgust, certainly. But hate? No. That would require me to care about what you say. I don’t, so contempt and disgust are the best I can do.

I’m sure the Morristown police won’t care. Hell I don’t care, but for all your talk of being a Christian, you certainly don’t act like one. Which is par for the course. You call yourself a writer and clearly you’re not.

I hope TP5 gets photocopied-err, published. I always enjoy seeing an epic fail.



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  1. You are a slanderous sack of shit and for that I will pay no mind in killing you. I am a published author you sack of shit; I’ve been published for the past four years. Take your head out of your ass and realize that. How willing are you to libel someone in a public place? Are you willing to have your career destroyed in the process>? My own career is taking off as a writer, just that I will refuse to write for the faggot crowd.

    Call me disgusting come on you know that you put Matt Shepard on the fucking cross; calling him your faggot messiah. I have the balls to punch you clean in the head, but you will scream fucking hate crime because you are a faggot. You never been with a woman in your life, and you failed at life int hat department.

    You blast on me via this blog but don’t have the balls to say it right to my face because I will pay no mind in punching you clean in the head and in the throat. Fucking fat mental midget. Shut the fuck up and let people buy the books — let people enjoy them instead of you being a cocksucker and forcing your agenda down everyone’s throat.

  2. I’ve not slandered nor libeled you Nikita. Your words alone show you for what you are, a near illiterate, delusional midget with a Napolean complex.

    Unlike you, I don’t force my politics down anyone’s throat. Everyone has a right to their opinion, even you. That’s one reason I don’t delete your comments. too bad the same can’t be said for your blog.

    I’d have no problem saying this all to your face; though given your lack of height I’d have to kneel down to do so. But I think you like the thought of me kneeling down too much.

    Self publishing and 4theluv as has been said many times are not professional. I won a statewide high school journalism award, does that make me an award winning journalist? About as much as you calling yourself a writer. And don’t worry, my career won’t be destroyed by the likes of you, Dagstine, or Philbin.

    And if anyone actually enjoys your writing they’re in need of strong, potent medication.

    And a padded cell.

  3. What Rain said.

    Nicky, do you know what Mr. Rogers, the truest exemplar of Christianity, said about the GBLT community? This is a direct quote: “God loves them just the way are.” So if Mr. Rogers is cool with it, I’m cool. And if you mess with Mr. Rogers, my hometown hero, your humanity is revoked, boyo.

  4. raingod how many times do I have to do this for you? Takea post of his, remove the filler, leave the real message:

    your ass
    in a public place? Are you willing
    for the faggot crowd.
    Call me
    your faggot
    I have the balls
    you will scream fucking
    never been with a woman
    blast on me
    the balls
    right to my face
    in the throat.
    being a cocksucker
    down everyone’s throat.

  5. Blasting readers who like my work asshole, come on. Don’t you have anything beter to do, wait don’t answer that — you’re a faggot. I see that the e-pirate had showed up too. The mother fucker who pirated Tabloid Purposes II and Quakes and Storms. Why the fuck can’t you just leave the readers of my work alone?

  6. As I’ve said, you have no readers, Nikita. And any who do come across your work, get ruined simply because they READ your work. You’re your own worst enemy and you don’t even realize it.

  7. Nicky girl, the only criminal here is you. Pay your writers, stop making threats against people.

    The power you have over anything outside your basement hovel… zero. None. Zilch.

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