The day from hell…

…started last night during a rainstorm when my ceiling started leaking. Again. I’ve called the apt. manager 4 times in a year for the same leak and it’s still not fixed. To add to the wet works, a leak developed in my a/c unit. I called  this morning and they said it would be taken care of. I got home and found a note on my door saying maintenance had been there, but the a/c leak is still there.

I also went to 3 ATM’s to get money out of the bank (payday, ya know) and none of them worked. 

My ipod died. I even hooked it up to my computer and still dead as Nikita’s career.

And I had to dress up as a pirate at work for “spirit” day.


Edited to add: DavePotts from the forums pointed me here, and that fixed my ipod problem. Turns out it was frozen, not dead. While I’m glad my ipod is working, it still doesn’t endear apple to me.

0 thoughts on “The day from hell…

  1. Man. I hope the landlord gets off his ass and fixes things up for ya.

    And even if it was for work, you got to dress up as a pirate, which is it’s own breed of coolness. I wish I could don my Paladin outfit even once at the office.

    Okay, no I don’t that armor’s heavy. 😛

  2. Jodi,
    Like 98% of apt. complexes it’s owned by a corporation that only cares about one thing: money. I downloaded a copy of the AZ St landlord tennant act to see what my rights are.

  3. In some places it is legal wot withhold rent until it’s fixed or to have it fixed yourself and withhold the cost from rent. I’m not sure where you’d look to see if that is legal for you too.

  4. I figured as much. Thing is, oftentimes the caretaker doesn’t even bother to report any large jobs that need doing. At least…that’s been my experience. The landlord/tenant act should be helpful, in any case.

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