Newsflash! Pacione leaves his grandmother’s basement.

In what is one of Nikita’s most amusing posts on SL yet, he’s posted the cover for Tabloid Purposes V. He states:

 This cover is copyrighted by me, and it is not a creative commons license either. I shot the cover two weekends ago, almost got arrested for it but the officers told me it wasn’t my fault. They saw the previous Tabloid Purposes so they were saying, “We’ll let this slide just make sure we get a copy of the book.”

Blurry photos are a key selling point, NIck! Make people squint past bad, near unreadable font, to see, well a really bad photo. Much like what you’ll be writing in your novella, I imagine.

As for the police letting you off because they read TP4, well that still has me laughing my ass off. They must have scene the videos on youtube and, with winter coming, looking for alternative fuel sources.

But I’m proud of you Nikita, you actually got out, even if it was only in your mind.


edited to add the link. View at your own risk.

0 thoughts on “Newsflash! Pacione leaves his grandmother’s basement.

  1. Nikita, not everyone wants to edit an anthology. Try challenging someone to something they like to do. I’ll be Rain would win by a long shot in a cheesecake baking contest. Considering how much you love to eat, it’s not that far a stretch for you, is it?

  2. So you fucks have to go around pirating my anthologies or promote burning of the books — do the world a favor you faggot and shut the fuck up. Excuse me while I go vote for you not to have the right to get married.

  3. We don’t have to do anything, but you make it so easy. As I’ve said, your burned books are for the public’s safety; to keep them from gouging their eyes out.

    BTW Nikita, will you screw the poor dupes out of their pay for this abor…err anthology as well?

    Rusty’s right, there’s nothing you do I can’t do better. Except freeload off taxpayer money. Unlike you I actually work.

  4. Let me ask this — do you work one of those dead ead jobby jobs or something? Shut the fuck up and let me finish editing Tabloid Purposes 5 before you decide to act like a bitch and ruin the book sales. Fucking AIDS infested faggots. It’s not Nikita, it’s Nick. Raingods — I would pay no mind in shooting you myself. QUEER.

  5. Hmm that’s a death threat. I’ll be forwarding that to the Chicago PD. I’m sure they have a nice file on you already. And for the record, I’m not in the publishing field. although I wager I could do all you attempt and fail so miserably at and be more successful than you would in a lifetime.

  6. Nikita, leave Rain alone. What I would like to do to you would make a train wreck look like a game of patty cakes. Oops I just plagiarized myself.

    Anyways, I have already done that a few times.

  7. It’s okay Cuss, his attacks don’t phase me in the least. We all know his bravery is in direct proportion to the proximity of grandma’s basement.

  8. I find it hilarious that someone like Nickolaus looks down on people with “dead end jobs”. The little creep refuses to work, and somehow, he’s too good for those people who barely make enough to survive!

  9. Very true Ben. The fact I’m a licensed, certified credit counselor for the oldest and largest credit counseling agency seems to be lost on him.

  10. ” those dead ead jobby jobs or something”

    Remember when Nicky told everyone he used to work at Burger King, but hated it because they would only let him work something like 6 hours a week?

    Or how he had that job at that factory, that he’d show up late to all the time, and unsuccessfully tried to sue when he got a little cut on his finger?

    Or how about in An Eye In Shadows he bragged about working in a flea marker and GETTING PAID UNDER THE TABLE?

    Remember that, Nicky?

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