More problems with Shocklines

Bryon Morrigan pointed this out over at TODP . Hank yet again taking after anyone who isn’t him. He calls himself a libertarian but he’s not. He’s a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe. Call it what you will, but I’ll refer it to as the ugly american syndrome. Every stereotype that can be said about Americans, Hank has rolled all into one big skid mark of a post.

Yet he is entitled to his opinion, as disgusting as some of them may be. So offensive are his thoughts about any religion that isn’t Christianity, caused one veteran SL membber to call it quits. I don’t blame her one bit, but I do blame someone and that’s Matt.

For all his talk about not wanting or tolerating hate speech on his board, or putting down others, he’s allowed Hank free reign to create a blight of said hate speech all over his board. Yet Matt does nothing.  Well he does post LOLcat pictures but that’s in his comfort zone.  When it comes to actually doing something useful like cutting truly hateful posts, he leaves them and will snip the reactions. It seems as if he no longer cares about his board and what it meant to so many people at one time. He’s content to let people leave one by one and let the lunatics run the asylum.

Way to go Matt.

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  1. I’m starting to think that with his stock dwindling now, the board is more of a nuisance to him. It might be his way of closing the board without having to actually close it.

  2. Was there more to that thread than Hank’s post? When I got there, that was it. I had the feeling it had been snipped without Matt leaving his usual comments behind.

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