What should I get?

I posted this question over at Shocklines, and figured I should post it on my blog as well. My sister sent me a borders card for my birthday and I’d like some suggestions on what to get.

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  1. You could get a copy of “Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Bad Guy,” a humorous sword & sorcery anthology. Or perhaps Lawrence C Connolly’s novel “Veins.”

  2. Good deal. I’ve got two books I bought from Kealan Burke due any day now; T M Wright is sending me a copy of his novella, I Am the Bird so that should get me through till Veins.

  3. Ordered Orgy of Souls tonight Jodi and looking forward to it. While I’ve seen Maurice and Wrath on the boards, I’ve never read their work. I encourage people to promote anything they have a hand in on here. Well aside from the nitwits. 🙂

  4. Hey Rain!

    There are samples of their work up at Apex Online this week. Well, until Sunday anyway. 😉 I’d never read anything of Wrath’s until I was proofing Orgy, and I’m hooked. My ‘buy-soonest’ list just keeps getting longer and longer.

  5. I’ll head over to Apex and check that out Jodi. Thanks for letting me know. I can’t begin to count how many buy-soonest books I’ve added to my list since joining various boards over the past year! And yeah, that list keeps growing and growing.

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