HanktheHorrible earns his name

I’ll point to the post that prompted this thread. http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/5903

Now I like Hank. He’s a good writer and a nice guy but he and I will NEVER agree on politics. He’s written some truly posts in the past regarding, immigrants, muslims and the poor, yet this one takes the cake.

I’ve never been a death penalty kind of guy. Lock ’em up and throw away the key is my motto. Otis will take care og whoever in the showestall one night. As sickening as this crime is, the murderer still has family-some that may even love him-yet they get punished as well. As someone who had a loved one in prison and subsequently killed there I may  be biased. I don’t care. Given the crimes that are repeatedly committed in this country, the death penalty hardly seems to be a deterrant. Yet people seem to believe the smoke screen of justice when in fact it’s revenge and nothing more.

Hank has a lot to be proud of in Texas. They execute the mentally ill. They elected George Bush as governor. They have the Dallas Cowboys.  And they have people like Hank.

Way to go. now excuse me while I hang my head in shame.

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  1. I don’t blame Hank for this. There are quite a few in that thread saying the same thing. It comes down to how an individual looks at the crime. When I think about what that sicko did that night and I imagine what must have gone through those poor girl’s minds and what their parents went through afterwards, I can’t help but be glad that guy is dead. And that’s the point of view most people take when in the emotional state of mind. It understandably interferes in their logical thought process. But when I step back and realize that a state government punishes by death and does this through a fallible court system, I always side against the death penalty.

  2. I shed no tears for his death. Nor for anyone who commits such a crime. And given the incidents of innocent people put to death for crimes they didn’t commit, the system is neither just or flawless.

    There should never be a time, like now, when execution in a civilized society should be condoned.

  3. I was born in Syosset! Or Oyster Bay if you prefer, until we moved to Islip Terrace.

    My frustrations with many of the posts on SL led to my starting this blog. I give major kudos to biledragon, Terry and a couple of others for making an attempt at bendind Hanks rigidity. A lost battle from the get-go but refreshing all the same.

  4. I couldn’t post in that thread. It would
    accomplish nothing except to frustrate me.

    Yup. Feel the same way. And it’s because of this this drivel.

    I totally disagree with the notion that opposition to
    the death penalty in this sort of context doesn’t mean a
    lack sympathy for the victims.

    The way I see it, sympathy for the perpetrator is
    tantamount to cruelty to the girls he murdered and
    their families. I guarantee you their families feel that

    Basically he’s using this statement to make his detractors seem “insensitive” or “unsympathetic”. Or he’s using guilt to turn people’s minds around to his way of thinking.

    His other arguments are debatable and although I don’t agree with him, I won’t begrudge him his views as they are shared by a lot of people. But that above paragraph makes it hard to enter a fair arguement against him.

  5. And that’s a fairly typical tactic to employ when “arguing” on issues. It’s always easier to paint those who disagree with you as weak, or unsympathetic. It’s used all the time in politics by the right, to paint the left as weak on crime, weak on defense simply because they don’t hold to the wornout theory of “shoot first, ask questions later.”
    The fact that many people share his view is certainly not validation of it being right; many believed once, the earth was flat as well.

    Hank may say he’s open to debate, but he’s not. He’s more intent on lobbing his beliefs at others than actually listening to them.

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