Nikita’s Birthday wish

I was wondering why La Femme Nikita devoted such a passionate blog to me and Alkilyu broke it down for me. See, his blog was a code proclaiming his wanton lust for me. Check this out. As Al said, take out all the nononbjecionable material and you’re left with this:


I want to see the rainfaggot
his dick <—– (!!!!)
a little boy
chester the child molester.
Looks like an asshole
submitting <—– (?…!!)
Come on asshole <—– (!!)
having sex
I Do. <—– (!!!)
do it to my face <—– (!!!!)
where you’re mouth is.

Such a sweet talker that Nikita. Too bad he still can’t write for shit. But it’s okay Nikita your secret is out and it’s time you left that closet in your granma’s basement.

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  1. Wait. There’s no ambition whatsoever involved in watching La Femme Nikita self-destruct. It’s simply a matter of pulling up a lawn chair, and breaking out the wine and cheese.

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