Marauder’s Lament

One of the things we try to do at work is foster team spirit and working together. Well, most places do that I suppose but this time we’re using themes. My theme is a haunted pirate ship and thus my “chant”.  I was able to write a decent little poem for all of us to recite at our team meeting on Friday and thought I’d share it with everyone. As you might guess, the names mentioned are team leaders and bosses. Now excuse me while I wipe my nose clean.


Marauder’s Lament


The Marauding pirates of MMI are we, assisting our clients over land and sea.

While swabbing our decks and hoisting our sails , We’ll meet our goals and never fail.

With cannons of calm, we shoot down the fears, of those who call us and are in arrears.


With Michelle at the helm and Tammy at the map, both will help us avoid bad habit traps.

And then there’s Sharen and Michael too! Watching over and tending the crew!

With eyes to the sea they’ll both see us through, we’re the MMI Marauders, fearless and true!

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