The problem with Shocklines – continued

So Larry feeling crushed I didn’t take his advice, makes a post on SL asking Matt to lock a thread because of his denial of being involved with sheepnet. He ends it with this: “Otherwise, might I suggest going to Raingod’s blog.”

That, I think was his sole intention. To get Matt to read my post about SL. For what? To get me banned? Warned? Who knows.

That thread which was 2 pages is now locked and cut to 3 posts. That’s right 3 posts.  Larry’s original post, WrathofSquirrel’s post (which to be fair took Larry to task for his bs) and Matt’s “Because I’m the boss” foot stomp of a post.

Matt begins by quoting WrathofSquirrel’s post, which read, “You know what this reminds me of? The last three times Lawrence tried starting trouble and hiding behind an alt, and then started a thread on Shocklines claiming he wasn’t the alt after he’d been found out.”

Matt then went on: “I can’t believe the hostility and nastiness of the posts I deleted here. While a couple of you being assholes was par for the course, it was particularly disappointing to see others of you, again, diving in for no reason other than to humiliate or insult someone. It makes me ill.

I’ve already banned one of you until he/she can promise to behave like a mature adult. But consider this a warning to anyone else — the next post I see from any of you that are made on here that serves no other purpose than to insult someone or make them feel like shit gets you banned. Case closed. Take it elsewhere.”

Know what makes me ill? Hypocrisy. Lack of common sense. Lack of basic logic. In other words Matt. He’ll cut the posts of and ban every person who brings something of worth to his forum and leave the dregs. I don’t see how he can be so blind to what’s going on. Or is he so content to hold onto past grudges he happily fiddles while Rome burns?

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  1. Very true Mike, but I base that on my time at SL, though I know it was already dead from what others have told me. It’s a shame because I’ve met some genuinely great people there and can only imagine what it was like in its heyday.

  2. In it’s heyday it was fabulous. I have seen several hundred people on at the same time. The list of who was on at a given time was sometimes ten lines deep. No matter the hour of the day or night, there was always several dozen people posting and reacting. Take for instance, my post about Fireborn Law. Three days after everyone stopped posting comments to it, it was still on the first page. In the old days, it would have ended up on the fourth or fifth page within an hour. That’s how fast moving the board was.

  3. Matt delivers that screed, but leaves Pacione and Dagstine’s comments to Sabledrake right there for everyone to see. Comments which are the very thing he’s railing against.

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