The problem with Shocklines is…

…not the Legion of nitwits. It’s not even the obsessive paranoia of Islam by some. No, the problem with Shocklines, in my view, is the owner, Matt Schwartz. I have no axe to grind with him on a personal level. Business wise he’s treated me well with my purchases from his perpetually closing store.

I came to SL later than most, about a year and a half ago. I was on briefly before I moved, lost my partner and had no internet access for a few months. When I got online again back in October of last year everything seemed somewhat okay. At that point I was blissfully unaware of the nitwits. Fast forward a bit and with Nikita, Phleabitten and Dagstine taking center stage things changed for the worse.

Comments were being snipped, threads were being locked and messages telling people to knock it off or be banned were sent. Here’s one Matt sent to me on 06/18/08 Titled, Knock it Off: Stop the baiting and looking for an argument (the “kindling” remark). Official warning.

Yet Nikita can call Bob Freeman a cocksucker in a thread and not get banned. I don’t know Mr. Freeman, have never sent an email, traded posts or had any interaction with him but he didn’t deserve the attacks by Nikita. Allowing Nikita to keep posting is a slap in the face to everyone he’s insulted. Matt’s action’s are a big Fuck You! to everyone who is a serious writer. When Philbin and Dungstain get caught in lies and someone calls them on bullshit, Matt cuts and locks.

In a post on the new Sheepnet blog, Matt wrote: “…of course it would be better if no one felt the need to set up blogs just for the purpose of making fun of other people. I often look at those blogs and wonder how grown adults can somehow manage to reduce themselves to the antics of particularly immature 12-year olds. But there’s certainly nothing MORE immature about this blog than of the blogs it’s making fun of.”

That alone makes it clear he either has not read the blogs or simply has the reading comprehension of La Femme Nikita.  If these blogs were simply to make fun of people, I’d feel the same way. But they’re not. As I’ve said on TRN and TODP they show new writers like myself, what not to do. Okay, granted it should be obvious by reading their works and posts what not to do; but when a topic like the Blue Phier fiasco comes
up it’s to the credit of TRN and others that they blog about it. If Matt had truly read these blogs he would see that what the nitwits are up to elsewhere stains the reputation (or what’s left) of his forum.

Why keep going there then? Good question. There are some who post on SL I enjoy talking with and it’s easier to do it there. Other than that I have no reason aside from watching the train wreck that is SL with Matt at the wheel.

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  1. Hey faggot, do you have anything better to do than to ruin the careers of authors who don’t write for lets say the homo crowd. Come on asshole, you can’t come up with anything legit so you have to ride the coattails of yellow journalism blogs like The Crusty Rail. or expose The fuck Tard.
         Come on Rain Goddess, you got something to say cocksmoker. I am standing right here mother fucker. I am a serious author and a seasoned veteran in the small press and I am not about to let some FAGGOT go around smearing my name in shit like you. Don’t you have anything better to do than to go fuck your mother in the ass?

  2. When you understand both sides of the story, then you can comment on this subject. Otherwise, just shut your mouth.

    Matt Schwartz is a sweetheart. Don’t dare talk bad about him. He is the true heart of what was once known as horror. Also, places like Sheepnet are a breath of fresh air, in my opinion. The reason you can’t get published in ANY publication is because you are following a rutted road led by a mass of shameless but absent leaders who can’t even spell their name right; some even steal ideas for profit.

    You are hanging with the bully squad. Congratulations, you are one of the REAL bad guys at the end of the day when you stare at yourself in the mirror. Dig deep into your soul and find your true self. Your partner would want that. If you’ve already sold out, then it appears I came here too late.

    The snarky folks you hang out with don’t even deserve the recognition of “peer”. Self-published “amigos” might be a better association or term. Open your eyes to some real literature, experiment a bit, submit a bit, don’t be so frightened of small markets and follow your OWN endeavors, then you get to be published and call yourself a writer. Otherwise, you are being led on by the people whose books you normally buy. What a waste of money, right?

    As for why this happens, it’s very simple… HATE BREEDS HATE. The same goes with things like spite, jealousy; the list goes on. One wisecrack makes one person angry, then another friend jumps in and so on and so forth. Congratulations, take away the politics from horror, and you’ve just learned how flame wars are started.

    Even an idiot could have figured that out.

    Lawrence R. Dagstine

    p.s.: I predicted what recently happened to Blu’ Phier over a YEAR AGO. I knew this was going to happen, and any self-respecting writer with publishing knowledge could have seen the same coming.

  3. Nikita, as Mike said, you’re not an author. To be an author you have to know how to write. You don’t. I do think you’d be good at writing KKK pamphlets, given your proclivities towards hate speech against anyone who’s not dumb enough to like your writing.

    Larry. Well thank you for stopping by. Since you seemed to put a little more though in what you posted I’ll do the same. If you read the post I take Matt to task for his poor moderation skills. He isn’t a saint. Neither am I. Neither are you. We are all self serving creatures to one extent or another and Matt’s ham handedness serves as a vehicle for his pettiness. Hey, it’s his board he can do that. I can criticize him for it. When YOU understand that, you can say something.

    I made my own decisions based on who made the most sense. The folks over at TRN and TODP or The Legion of Nitwits. I made the right choice. I learn from them Larry. They have knowledge I don’t and I appreciate that. They earn their respect and success. You, Philbin and Nikita can teach me nothing except how not to write. How not to submit. How not to behave among my peers.

    I would much rather learn from those who have been published by small and medium press publications (and in a couple of cases Leisure as well). Sending things out to anyone with a heartbeat to gain a credit isn’t writing Larry, it’s ego inflation.

    I have seen so many lies you’ve posted that you’ve been called on, the fact you have the gall to try and save me from myself is astounding. I’m not afraid of sending out work. Unlike others I like to get an opinion to see what works and what can or needs to be fixed. Personally I would be embarrassed to send out a story that was even close to how the three of you write. I take pride in what I do, why don’t you?

    Finally hindsight is 20/20. Show me where you “knew” and said something about Blue Phier or shut the fuck up.

  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the kind words! This will be more of a personal blog than a nitwit blog but as you see, the exterminator needs to be called already for the roaches.

  5. Lars, take it over to my blog. Rain never said anything against you, specifically. I, however, have. You’ll get stomped on as usual, but hey . . .

  6. I am an author but not the kind of author you assholes read. I know my audience well enough, and I will say this here — you asshols have no publishing history to really speak for yourselves. You have no fucking right to discredit anything I’ve done.

  7. Oh and Rain, when Larry says “Bully Squad” he actually means “Everybody who has ever disagreed with him.” It’s kind of like another nitwit, who shall remained unnamed (Seriously, you don’t want her on your blog) who thinks being called “a bad writer” is an act of libel.

  8. Yes, Mr. Pacione, it’s easy for you to know your audience, especially when you can count them all on one hand.

  9. If you work in the publishing industry — I don’t care WHAT level of press — you could have seen from a mile away back in 2007 that Blu Phier was the biggest fake front of a publishing press there is. How do I know? Because I KNOW publicity stunts, right? Don’t think my words are wise? Ask the big zombie man himself, and I bet you he too would have called “Front” on Blu Phier a year ago.

    As for your other comments on literature, why don’t you expand your horizons then? You’re expecting professional markets to fall out of the sky. Ain’t gonna happen. Especially with genre. So you have to take the smaller paying ones. Like I do, in bulk. You are NOT going to be a professional writer, Rain God. But I digress… neither am I. I see a moderate future. I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but if you followed the right path, you could still make a few grand a year freelancing from the one thing you love most.

    I highly suggest reading PHOBIA Magazine when it comes out. Because it’s not so much about me (your already perceived judgment of my ego), but more or less the marketplace itself. And where it is headed.

  10. Rusty,

    I think he’s referring to my quoting his comments to me from SL.

    Thank you Guy, I appreciate the comment.

    Oh and Nikita unlike you, I ALLOW comments on my blog. Even yours.

  11. Nick, you need new material. I don’t know how you do your stand up comedy act on here with the same bad lines over and over again.

    Prove you’re competent with English and civil, and then I might take you seriously.

    And Larry, you ain’t the king of the world either, okay? I seem to recall research not being your strong point. Ever.

  12. Rusty,

    I already know it’s either you or a certain “former” Blu Phier author who set up the SHEEPNET account to pretend to be my friend and lure me and NP in.

    1) Blu Phier Fiasco
    2) Brian Keene picks up a controversial nitwit site (created around the same time as SHEEPNET), called Victor Musings.
    3) SHEEPNET is created — more unneeded controversy, let’s get Lawrence and Nick involved as usual. Coincides with Victor Musings.
    4) The Shocklines entry now locked — too convincing.
    5) Blu Phier Fiasco — who wrote a book about an affair less than a year ago.
    6) Fabrication of news and luring once again.
    7) Pennsylvania IP Address – proxy server???

  13. Oh, how civil. Of course that ranks right up there with getting in at Asimov’s and having an editor and publisher.

    Well, you got your facts on that short story with the botanist wrong, you had someone break a rolling pin (also wrong)… pretty much says it all to me.

    Sorry, Rain. Larry seems to be spoiling for a flame war…

  14. That’s okay Mike. The fact he says this on my blog, with very little traffic as opposed to TRN or even SL says all you need to know.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, my goat cheese enchilada’s are ready and I need to throw laundry in the dryer.

  15. back in 2007 that Blu Phier was the biggest fake front of a publishing press there is. How do I know? Because I KNOW publicity stunts, right?

    You ARE one . . . or are you a joke? Either way, it doesn’t matter.

  16. Gee, you sure are a brave pair, NP and Daggy. Come over here and pick on raingod, just because you didn’t get your way, and you failed as usual. How mature. Why not put the sour grapes to good use and try improving your bad writing?

    Take care, Rain, and you rock! 😀

    Louise xox

  17. Dagstine, your comments here reek of condescension. I do not believe for a moment, knowing the kind of inept research skills your stories display that you could have gotten money to research an ant crossing a banana leaf.

    Quality will always prove out.

    And your lies will always be discovered.

    Considering that I have had a google alert active on you since you first decided to stalk me, I would have seen any thing you posted about Blu Phier. So I am forced to ask, if you knew, why didn’t you warn people?

    Simple answer is that you did not know.

    I do journalism and you do shit. Get a life, Larry.

  18. Thanks Louise, you rock as well! I don’t consider it being picked on though. I’d have to take them seriously to consider it being picked on.

  19. I love how Lawrence has worked his Keene paranoia into this. I doubt Keene is even aware of today’s shenanigans (and I can’t wait to see Keene’s attorneys sue the shit out of Lawrence).

    Hey, Lawrence? Honest question. If Keene is the root of all your evils, then why not stalk him the way you did Rusty? Why not drive to his house, too?

    Answer: Because you’re a pussy and a coward and a blowhard who craves attention—but from a safe distance.

  20. Oh, by the way, Rusty… Pick up PHOBIA Magazine. That’s when the real stomping begins. 😉

    Vern’s a polite chap, unlike you, Lars, but it still doesn’t mean I want to buy his magazine to read your rant. If there’s another reason to do so, please let me know.

  21. I’ll say it. Larry, you are NOT a professional author. I am. You have no business telling anyone else that they will or will not be an author because you don’t have any knowleged of the industry or how the industry works. (You also have no knowledge of grammar, spelling, plot and characterization.)

    Put that in your man-pipe and suck on it.

    Good luck to you with your writing, raingod. The ability to see that Mikke, Nick and Larry are Nitwits puts you on a level so high above them that they can’t even see where you are standing.

  22. You are welcome, raingods.

    One simple rule to keep in mind when you do decide to submit your work, if you submit your work to a professional market and get paid a professional rate — you are a professional.

    The temptation is always going to be there to submit to the fanzines and online sites and ‘for the luv’ markets and if it makes you happy then you should submit to those markets. Never feel like you are limited to those markets. Always try to one-up yourself.

    It isn’t about how many times you are published, it is about how many of those stories that you are proud of.

  23. Must be nice living in La-La Larryland, where you tout crap and write shit and believe that just because you are self-published and get stories into crap amateur mags that you are a real writer.

    Wow. I’d love to live in your world. *snark*

  24. Hey, don’t make fun of the Daggy-man, he’s got street cred.
    Hell, even Ellen Datlow met him.
    Now, don’t go saying you have proof Datlow thinks he’s an idiot. I won’t believe it. Daggy is an urban icon, a legend of speculative fiction, a hero for the masses, and man who will single-handedly transform the industry.

    What have you all done? Huh?

    Oh…most of you been published professionally?
    Oh….I guess that changes things…..(slinks away and dies)

  25. SSK, thanks for the advice. Setting aside the legion’s penchant for bullshit for a moment, my major problem is exactly what you said. I’d be mortified to send out anything that read like their work does. When Rusty and Louise offered to do a first reading on a story I jumped at the chance. I WANT to know what needs to be fixed. I WANT to know what dosn’t make sense or isn’t logical.

    If I sent something out like Larry’s or Nikita’s (or Philbin’s) and it got rejected, then sent another one to the same editor do you think for one minute they would give it more than a cursory glance?

    I take pride in what I do. I don’t expect money to flow like a geyser But only getting a credit is undermining my worth and the time I spent writing the piece.

    Quality over quantity is the only way to go IMO.

  26. Johaha, what I find laughable in particular is this: Larry wrote, ” Otherwise, you are being led on by the people whose books you normally buy.”

    I’d be an idiot to be led by people who I admire AND published. That explains more about Daggy and why he’s a complete failure than anything else.

  27. Don’t even bother wasting valuable energy with Lawrence. This is the same guy who cries ” me gonna go to the poweece!” and has conversations with clothing in department stores, dresses his kid up as a sandwich and lies about every publication he’s been in. How the fuck can Blu phier be fake when the books are available on amazon douchebag? The company may be horrible, but the books are there.

    And quit blaming professionals for your mental impotence. Mr. Keene and others have more important things to do, then worry about Lawrence Dagstine and his failed competence.

  28. The books may be “there” Krebar, but Blu’phier is falling apart. Bernoudy needs to learn how to act professional in front of his writers and what a fair and equitable contract is before he can call himself a valid publisher.

  29. Lawrence Dagstine Said:

    The reason you can’t get published in ANY publication is because you are following a rutted road led by a mass of shameless but absent leaders who can’t even spell their name right; some even steal ideas for profit.

    Nick are you going to let him get away with talking about you like that? Well yeah you let him stalk you as ValentineVegan…

    In case anyone doubts Stalkerboy is talking about Nicky…

  30. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Zomg! From one side of his mouth he’s regirgitating the same Philbin BS were here on Sl while telling you to think for yourself and from the other side of his mouth he’s telling how to make it in the ‘business’. Basically he’s saying aim as low as possible. Don’t ry too hard and sub to nonpaying mags so you can make up phony income. I mean hell, you wouldn’t want to bump your head on the sucessful people’s asses as they fly by.

  31. LOL! I caught that too. His attitude is, “If I’m a bottom feeder you need to be one too. Don’t let these people show you how to succeed. Be an epic failure like me!” All that was missing was a Pennywise impression saying, “We all float down here!”

  32. I mean hell, you wouldn’t want to bump your head on the sucessful people’s asses as they fly by.

    That sounds suspiciously like it should be one of the games EET put up… LOL

  33. Yeah, Larry. Some people do steal ideas. Ideas in fiction are free-bees. How many stories have the same ideas? Thousands.

    Shit. I just stole three ideas from your hack writing.
    I’m not writer, but I bet I do it better than you.
    And I’ve got something you don’t….professional contacts.

    A professional writer friend of mine is also going to take the same three ideas. She’s going to write them Daggy stories better and sell them for the real money.

    Lawsuit, you say?
    Good luck.

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