What gives me the right?

I was going through some new posts on TRN at work today and a coworker asked me what the site was. I gave a brief explanation and my answer was met with a blank stare. “What gives you the right to make comments like that. You’re not published, you’re not a publisher.” I thought about this a minute and decided to avoid the snarky answer that came to mind (Because I can, is what I thought).

Indeed, what right do I have?

No, my fiction is not published yet. I did write, produce and direct some plays back in the late 80’s-early 90’s. I had a letter published in fangoria magazine but that’s the extent of my credits.

You don’t have to plunge toilets for a living to know shit when you see it. I’ve read (or tried to) the writings on the nitwits. It’s bad. Very bad. My dead grandmother could write better than those three ever could. If they post something directed at me, I will answer. That’s my right.

If a predatory publisher is simply scamming writers, it’s not my right to talk about that. It’s my duty. Not posting the email that Blue Phier’s owner sent would be doing a disservice to any writer who may not have seen it elsewhere. If it hadn’t been for TRN, I may have sent work there.  I’d be one of those he screwed.

It’s not about what have I done but what I am doing.

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  1. The most important person in publishing is not the publisher, the writer, or anyone else working in publishing.

    The most important person is the reader.

    Without the reader, there would be no publishing companies.

    The reader has a greater right to their opinion than anyone else.

  2. Thanks for that Cussedness. I gave a great deal of thought on whether to blog on the nitwits or not and you simply confirmed what I thought all along.

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