Danger Will Robinson !!

One of the reasons I go to therustynail.com is for the information on writers and publishers to stay away from. Sure the snark is 1st rate but by reading posts about publishers like Blue Phi’er it saves me from making big mistakes on who I send my work to.

The following email was sent to Blue Phier’s writers. I think it’s idiocy, arrogance and douchebaggery speak for itself.


Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:36:00 +0000
Subject: Final Group Email

As you can tell from the subject, from here out I plan on ceasing with the group emails. I will send out an email each month concerning book sales and pay royalties accordingly. If you have relevant questions concerning your book, or marketing thereof, feel free to contact me.
Due to many of the emails I’ve received, I have to reiterate that I need you to limit your communications to relevant issues.
Me owing you money for editing. Relevant.
Your book not appearning on Amazon. Relevant.
Your book not selling to your expectations, yet you have only done one signing in 3 years. Irrelevant.
You wanting out of your contract once your book is in print. Not going to happen.
You needing contributor copies. Relevant.
Over the past year and a half our author base has nearly trippled. We’ve gotten some great authors and great people out of the deal. That being said, we’ve also gotten some assholes. I have no problem dealing with assholes I do it on a daily basis. However, many of you are older than me and have children of your own. I should not have to babysit adults. Especially when the adults are COSTING me money as opposed to making any.
Only two authors we currently have in print can say they responded to ads I placed in 2005 looking for new authors. Only one author can state they have sent a dime towards the publication of their own book. Everyone else, has asked me to spend my money to publish their books.
Some of you work your asses off and make decent book sells. Some of you think because you wrote a book the sells and money just automatically roll in. You feel that if the money is not rolling in, apparently I’ve done something wrong. The simple fact of the matter is, many of you are lazy.
Over the past several months I’ve come to the conclusion that some of you just can’t be helped. That being said, I still have valid contracts with you, I still have expended substantial funds towards your books, and we will continue or efforts. However, if you aren’t going to lift a finger to promote your own book so be it. Technically you’re in breach of your contracts, but I’ll just chalk it up as a loss.
For those of you who are trying, feel free to contact me and I’ll help in any way I can. Many of you have asked for copies on consignment and when the fees were available we have provided. I can’t think of anyone who has asked for money for marketing or had a valid idea we have refused. I will continue to do what I can to support you productive authors.
For you upcoming authors, think carefully about what you are doing with requesting us to publish your books. Once your book is in print we are in bed together, for better or worse.

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