The comedy stylings of Nickolaus Pacione

I’d forgotten about some of the messages La Femme Nikita sent me over on Shocklines. To be honest I usually just trash them, but thought I’d share his undying love for me with everyone.

You can eat shit mother fucker, I am entitled to my opinion and have a right to voice my views no matter how unpopular they are. You will never get the right to marry when I get done. Besides I am voting for McCain. You may as well been holding the torch that burned Tabloid Purposes IV. Fucking Nazi Queer.

Got AIDS Yet, loser. I voted Republican and yes the reason why Bush got four more years is because of me. You will never get that right to marry loser, you’re a fucking abomination anyway. My career is just taking off you AIDS infested fuck.

You’re nothing but a Brokeback Douchefag!

Burn in hell cocksmoker. No wonder why you’ll get a wife, maybe if you got some actual pussy in your life you might be a little happier. You’re mad because you’re an aging uphill miner.

You will never have your right to marry now asshole. Not that I agreed with it in the first place. It’s a man and a woman not a man and a man. It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Man shall not lay with another man as they would a woman, nor a woman shall lay with another woman as they would a man — THEREFORE it is an ABOMINATION! I would rather be a heterosexual bastard (I get more pussy than you get ass) than a faggot who supports the very same thing Adolf Hilter had done

You better hope I don’t meet you in person for that remark. I’d kick your ass but you’d be screaming hate crime, All I see is just an asshole begging to get his bones broken in four. All you need is a nice woman to get your dick wet in.


Okay my favorite is the brokeback douchefag. But really for a supposed writer you’d think he’d be more creative in his insults.

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  1. Hey, rain! 🙂 I just bookmarked you, so wanted to say hi! As for you know who sending you notes, I hope there is karma, and I hope it bites his ass very hard one day.

  2. Thanks Louise! It’s brand spanking new and my plan is to post reviews, and whatever crosses my mind. Rusty does great with the nitwits so I’ll leave them in more capable hands.

    Karma has bitten him in the ass. He has to live in his own skin. How great could that be?

  3. I would rather be a heterosexual bastard (I get more pussy than you get ass) . . .

    Well, he is a bastard, but the last part of that sounds like wishful thinking to me. The last time he got lucky was 10 years ago.

  4. What’s wrong faggot, don’t like the fact a Republican got some publication credits under his belt? It must really piss you off that I speak out against the overt heterophobia you assholes go around and shove down everyone’s throat. Like a sad little bitch who can’t get his fucking way, going around voicing the brag how they actively wished they burned my books doesn’t that seem a little nazish for a bunch of faggots?

  5. Nikita,

    You’ll never understand will you? Burning your books was an act of public service by whoever did it. I don’t hate Republicans no matter how misguided they are. Hell I even read The Wall Street Journal from time to time. As has been stated everywhere on the internet, you’re not a writer. You’re barely a human being. Learn how to write and get a real credential then I might say something nice.

    But I doubt it.

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