Legionaiire’s Disease

That would be the Legion of Nitwits of course. A monikor created over at the rusty nail (www.therustynail.wordpress.com). No doubt anyone reading this will already be familiar with the holy trinity of idiocy, for those who aren’t…well, be glad.

For the most part I’m not bothered by 2/3 of the league. Philbin and Dagstine may make a snarky comment to me over on shocklines but that’s about it. Nick Pacione (La Femme Nikita as I like to refer to him) is another matter. He’s been quiet recently for which the internet as a whole is grateful but when he gets going no one is safe. I’ve received countless messages from him calling me everything from a faggot to someone who fucks his mother.

For the uninitiated check out Rusty’s blog which I mentioned above and also http://www.theotherdarkplace.com/mboard/


I only mention them for those of my friends who may not know about them but can use some lulz in their lives.

In the next day or so I’ll be posting another book review, this time of Kealan Patrick Burke’s The 121 to Pennsylvania.

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  1. I can’t take credit for the Legion of Nitwits moniker. Briane Keene actually came up with that term, on his old Blogspot blog, which no longer exists. It was a great entry.

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